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We Offer a Range of Choices to Meet Your Needs

Lion Dance

Lion dance is the most popular service that is requested. A combination of lions and instruments allows our performers to mimic a lion's movements, expressions, and emotions. The act of lion dancing is considered a symbol of happiness, prosperity, good luck, and wealth because of its belief to usher in positive energy and dispel negativity. At the end of each lion dance performance, our services come with a grand finale with scroll drops, personalized gift scrolls for our clients, and confetti. 

Lion Dance, Rodeo Houston

Martial Arts

Martial arts provides a fundamental baseline for all of the different types of services our team provides. It serves as a way to promote strength, good health, and endurance. From swinging bow staffs to flying chain whips, there are three martial arts styles that our troupe practices: Shaolin kung fu, Wushu, and Jow Ga kung fu. 

Martial Arts, Shaolin Kung Fu

Drum Show

The drum show is an exciting service that is usually performed at the beginning of shows and is a great option to attract an audience to an event. It is believed that the louder the instruments are able to resonate their sounds throughout an event, the more negativity can be dispelled for those who are present.

Drum Show, Lion Dance, Rodeo Houston

Dragon Dance 

The dragon dance show will always contain a dragon, a pearl, and instruments. A dragon routine is focused on telling a story of how the dragon chases the pearl of wisdom. Dragons are often associated with authoritative figures as they are symbols of authority and wisdom.


In the routine, a flow is always maintained with each person following the person in front of them which also includes acrobatic movements. If the dragon routine is performed outdoors, our service provides smoke bombs during the routine.

Dragon Dance, Rodeo Houston
Dragon Dance, PostHTX

Jong/Tall Pole Show

Our jong/tall pole show is the most exhilarating service that we provide. This routine has acrobatic movements that are showcased on poles that are up to 9 feet tall. The lion has an objective to get across the series of poles but in doing so, it must be strategic in how it jumps and steps in order to keep itself afloat and balanced. At the end of the jong/tall pole show, this service comes with a grand finale consisting of a scroll drop and confetti.

Lion Dance Jong Show, Tall Pole Show
Lion Dance Jong Show, Tall Pole Show

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