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We Build for People

Unity Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe was founded by Kenny Tran-Do in 2019 and was officially established as an organization in 2020. His decision to relive his childhood encompassing dragon dancing, lion dancing, and martial arts has provided an opportunity and a home for over 30 individuals in Houston, Texas community. As a natural-born leader, his first priority and investment were in his people and nothing else. Because of his investment, a strong leadership team has been built upon the foundation of carrying out the mission of our organization by learning, promoting, and celebrating the art and culture. With Kenny providing inspiration and guidance as the organization's Board President, our organization has cohesively worked together to land over 100+ performances each year as well as receive a wide range of recognition on major platforms such as the Houston Chronicle, KHOU 11, and KPRC-TV. In 2022, we were officially established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and with that, our story is to be continued..

Sifu, Master, Yun Yee Tong

Choy Sifu

In 2022, Unity Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe officially introduced their very own Sifu (Chinese: 蔡耀平, Vietnamese: Thái Diệu Bình). Choy Sifu is a disciple of Yun Yee Tong in Vietnam which was founded in 1936. Yun Yee Tong promotes the jow ga style of lion dancing, instruments, and kung fu. Yun Yee Tong's headquarters are based out of Vietnam but they have branches in Hong Kong, Australia, the United States, and more. Although there are no branches near the Texas area, the jow ga style has influenced Houston in many ways.

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